Galicia food and drink

Here are some images of local food and the drink available in Galicia, many of the these wines are available at Casa Camino Turismo Rural and the different dishes are available in various restaurants and bars around Galicia.

The food here is not over spicy because the basic ingredients are amongst the best in the world, especially the shellfish, so there is no need to add flavour to the food because the great taste of the food is already naturally there.

With each passing year Galician wines are being recognised as being amongst the best in the world, winning countless awards for quality and excellence. There five wine regions in Galicia, the Rias Baixas, Riberio, Ribeira Sacra,Valderorras and Monterrei all of these DO’s (Denominaciõn de Orixe0) have there own distinct wonderful flavours very much influenced by where the grapes are grown, either by the sea, in the mountains or on the plains.

So why not come to Galicia and experience the timeless atmosphere and enjoy the unique flavours of Galician Food and Drink.